Saturday, April 05, 2008

Maul Madness: Round One Results

Round 1 results for Maul Madness 2008:

Region A
Rescue Me destroys the The Factor as Bill O'Reilly refuses to shut up and let his guests talk

Region B
The Office ends up on top in a close one against Soup

Winner of Region C faces winner of Region D

Region C
Gotta go with the Tuetils and American Chopper against the waning cop show The Shield

Region D
South Park routes Lost in a easy victory as the latter can't find it's way

Winner of Region E faces winner of Region F

Region E
The substance of Meet the Press over the vacuous and lame Law and Order

Region F
When legend becomes fact, print the legend. Mythbusters over Hardball with Chris Matthews

Winner of Region G faces winner of Region H

Region G
Battlestar Galactica easily whips Simpson-wanna be Family Guy

Region H
Simpsons pwns the mediocre self love fest of Keith Olbermann's Countdown

For Round Two, the victor in Region A goes up against winner of Region B

Region A:
Rescue Me vs. The Office

Region B:
American Chopper vs. South Park

Region C winner meets Region B winner

Region C:
Meet the Press vs. Mythbusters

Region D:
Battlestar Galatica vs. The Simpsons

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