Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Supportive Characters

This list is long overdue.

However, whoever assembled it, sorta breaks their own "Too well known in a particular role" rule with Kevin Tighe (who EVERYONE knows from Emergency) and Bill McKinney, the mean hick who Burt Reynolds kills with an arrow in Deliverance.

And why Sam Elliott is mentioned makes no sense at all!

"That Guy!"

Have you ever been watching TV or a movie and pointed to the screen and said, "Hey! It's That Guy!"? Well, here is where you'll find him. This page is dedicated to the character actors collectively known as "That Guy".

That Guy is easy to recognize and difficult to place. You can describe him but not name him.

If someone asks, "Do you know the old grubby guy with a big belly and wild white hair that always wears a beat up brown derby and plays a drunk in westerns?" You'll know exactly who they mean, but you'll have no idea that his name is Dub Taylor.

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