Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Vox Pop

Interesting polling analysis from James Pethokouk at Reuters.

It's certainly fair game to argue about which economic and tax policy approaches work best. But those who would characterize the people currently disenchanted with the president and Congress as simply angry and self-deluded seem, to me, mostly angry and self-deluded.

A "few observations" from Pethokouk:
  1. Americans don’t blame Obama for the economy, but blame him for not fixing it — which is what he was hired to do. Mission Not Accomplished.

  2. The Obama agenda is unpopular, and Americans see it as a distraction from dealing with unemployment.

  3. Americans are worried about spending and deficits, but have not made the mental leap to restricting entitlements.

  4. Americans may not think government is necessarily the problem, but they are pretty sure it’s not the solution.

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