Monday, April 25, 2011

First Impressions: 1,001 Online Dates

As someone who hasn’t been on a “first date” in over a quarter of a century, I’m well out of the loop in understanding how people currently engage in this age-old social ritual. So, my excessive display of surprise when recently told by an old high school friend that he met his wife through a web dating service was borne out of honest ignorance. In fact, Online Dating Magazine estimates that 20 million people a month visit Internet dating sites such as eHarmony, or Zoosk.

This actually shouldn’t be all that surprising as a simple glance at the news reveals a plethora of events where the Internet plays a pivotal role ranging in importance from Rebecca Black’s rise as a pop culture star (sorta) to regime change in Egypt and Libya (maybe).

With that in mind, the writing/producing/directing team Mark L. Feinsod and Evan Leed use the popularity for this form of hooking up as the premise for 1,001 Online Dates. The independently-produced series is, appropriately enough, accessible online at:

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