Monday, June 27, 2011

You Can't Please Everyone

Wow.  I received a scathing comment from a guy named Benjamin in Florida (according to the New Yorker website) to something I posted OVER A YEAR AGO who must be suffering from membrana (that's Latin for "thin skin")!

A finalist for the 192nd New Yorker "Cartoon Caption" contest from May 2009 (YES, fucking May 2009), Benjamin took issue with the fact that I didn't  LOVE his entry (original post copied below).

Benjamin (as "anonymous") writes:
Hi. The caption you entered for this cartoon is awful. Sad and pathetic is the understatement of the century. Not even the slightest bit funny. You lack any sense of humor or literary prowess. To say that a caption "sucks," when it outperformed yours, and is in every way shape or form better than yours, is a pathetic example of poor sportsmanship. You obviously can't write, so quit it with the whole blog thing. No one's reading buddy. Sincerely, the guy that submitted that caption.

My response (bold added):
Dude, you sound so angry (anonymously yet).

I'm not sure how I was being a poor sport? I acknowledged that my entry was poor. Seems to me that you've got your panties in a bunch just because I didn't LOVE your caption as much as the New Yorker did. Hey, savor their positive feedback.

Also, the only way you could have found my obscure post is that you Googled your New Yorker cartoon caption "finalist" status from a YEAR AGO? How fucking sad is that?

As far as my writing goes, to each his own. 

Original Post:

As usual, the winners of the 192nd New Yorker "Cartoon Contest" did nothing for me.

My entry was sad and pathetic:
When my agent told me that I was booked on a "local talkshow," I didn't know he meant in Detroit.
Sigh (so sad).

BUT, the finalists weren't that great either:
  • Both the movie and I will be released this summer. - in the valley of the blind, the one-eyed man is king

  • This is fancy role-playing for a conjugal visit. - sucks!

  • It's my first time on 'Celebrity Parole Hearing.' - you've got to be kidding

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