Monday, October 20, 2008

You've Got to be KIDDING

I refuse to let the results of The New Yorker "Contest #164" get my goat!

I'll admit my entry was a bit weird:
Stay and I promise I'll control this feta, er, I mean fetish.

But the winners didn't exactly knock me down:
  • Come sweater season, you'll be back. - has me knitting my brow

  • You're the one who left your fertility drugs on the counter. - no weirder than mine, but not funny.

  • Could you bring me back a goat? - baaaaad


Steve_O said...

I went with, " if your mother's place is any nicer."

Matt Maul said...

Oh, I thought of another one:

"Sure, walk out. I'm not gonna let you get my goats."

Or something like that.