Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I, State Your Name...

Random thoughts Inauguration Day thoughts:

  1. Hillary Clinton must be more than a little pissed to find out she was 2nd choice for Sec of State.

  2. Cheney reminded me of Ernst Stavro Blofeld in his wheelchair (or maybe Charles Foster Kane).

  3. It was Chief Justice ROBERTS who screwed up the oath of office NOT Obama. There's a certain cadence to it, and Roberts threw it out of wack when he didn't pause after "I, Barack Hussein Obama..." That's how previous oaths went and it was off-putting for Obama right from the start. THEN Roberts, who apparently didn't bother to practice, f'd up the placement of "faithfully."

    So now, everytime this historic event is replayed, they're going to have to pick it up at the end. Not earthshattering, I realize, but still irksome to me (AND I didn't even vote for Obama!).

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