Saturday, February 28, 2009

It Was the Purple Dinosaur That Caused Nightmares

Words escape me. Oh wait, I have one: assholes

Disabled presenter 'scares children'

Vitriolic comments and complaints to BBC spark angry backlash by charities and parents in support of CBeebies' Cerrie Burnell.

Disparaging comments by adults about a children's presenter have led to an angry backlash in support of Cerrie Burnell, the 29-year-old CBeebies host who was born missing the lower section of her right arm. One man said that he would stop his daughter from watching the BBC children's channel because Burnell would give his child nightmares.

Parents even called the broadcaster to complain after Burnell, with Alex Winters, took over the channel's popular Do and Discover slot and The Bedtime Hour programme last month, to complain about her disability.

And some of the vitriolic comments on the "Grown Up" section of the channel's website were so nasty that they had to be removed.

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