Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another Manic Thursday

Great list. Would these be retro-anachronisms? BTW, there's no mention of "Black Friday" either.

From Den of Geek:

Today... according to Freejack

Back in 1992, Freejack predicted what would happen on 23rd November 2009. Did it get it right?

Freejack is a 1992 sci-fi/action film that's based in the future. A future that we've arrived at today. This happens so rarely that we thought it fitting to put a microscope to the predictions that Freejack foresaw for November 23, 2009.

...contrary to all the scientific, medical and technological achievements, another look at the neon date sign shows what our 2009ers surely didn't fail to notice: that no one from the production team bothered to look up what day November 23rd 2009 actually falls on.

You'd think calendars and math were nonexistent in our Nineties.

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