Friday, November 06, 2009

So Shall It Be Written, So Shall It Be Wrong

The results for The New Yorker "Cartoon Caption Contest (213)" demonstrate why I don't enter much anymore.

My submission was just as good as the "winners" (if I do say so myself):

"THIS time make sure to get the film rights and TV residuals."
Two of the finalists seem to miss the point that it's MOSES doing the writing:
  • "It needs a feisty female detective." - sucks

  • "They ignored your first ten. What makes you think you'll do any better with these?" - okay, I suppose

  • "Dear ... diary ... She's ... finally ... asleep.... Oops." - me too, zzzzz

1 comment:

Jason Bellamy said...

Mine would have been ...

Though shalt not get any sex if you keep banging on those tablets.