Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The New Y2K Problem

Once again, we've rested on our laurels and let another Y2K bug sneak up on us. This issue could loom large over the 2010's, 2020's, 2030's. Only the 2040's seem to offer some hope.

How best to solve the problem of Happy 2010 New Year’s Eve glasses?

We have a problem, Internet. You know how on New Year’s Eve everyone walks around with Happy 2009 (or whatever) glasses? That bunk ain’t gonna fly this year. Try wearing a 2010 pair of glasses: where are you going to look through, the 1? This is a serious situation that demands the attention of our best engineers.

Think about it: these glasses mean big business. Unless you’re prepared to wear wacky glasses like these, where the 2 and 1 are extra small, and the 1 rests on the bridge of your nose. And this isn’t even very elegant: the 2 is going to tilt those glasses to the right like nobody’s business.

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