Friday, January 29, 2010

To Quote Apple: "The Name Stays. Period!"

I think Apple should double down on the name choice and promote the new iPad wireless device with the slogan: "No Strings Attached!"

From the New York Times:

The iPad’s Name Makes Some Women Cringe

When Apple announced the name of its tablet computer today — the iPad — my mind immediately went to the feminine hygiene aisle of the drugstore. It turns out I wasn’t alone.

The term “iTampon” quickly became a trending topic on Twitter because of Tweets like this one: “Heavy flow? There’s an app for that!” A CNBC anchor, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, said the iPad was a “terrible name” for the tablet. “It reminds me of feminine products,” she said.

“Are there any women in Apple marketing?” asked Brooke Hammerling, founder of Brew Media Relations, a technology public relations firm. “The first impression of every single woman I’ve spoken to is that it’s cringe-inducing. It indicates to me that there wasn’t a lot of testing or feedback.”

BTW, MadTV was ahead of the curve with this 2006 bit (h/t Slant):

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