Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Do NOT Come Out of There (Mad Men 409)

Miss Blankenship's improved vision after eye surgery was a metaphor for Don's increased awareness of the world around him in "The Summer Man." Her "health" is again used as a motif in the aptly titled "The Beautiful Girls." Similar to how the death of Gene (fascinated by the fall of the Roman Empire) signaled that change would be coming last season, Blankenship's death seems to denote the start of a shifting of mores for women.

I don't think it's an accident that right after Peggy sees Blankenship's head hit the desk, she runs into Don's office to find Sally sitting in his chair. "Do NOT come out of there," Peggy tells Sally. This is ostensibly to spare the young girl from seeing the macabre scene outside. However, on a symbolic level, I'd argue that it also represents Peggy's glimpse at a world where women hold positions of power formerly reserved for men.

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