Monday, June 16, 2008

First Waterboarding, Now This?

Is it torture to make to make someone wear panties on their head?

I guess it all depends...

Rosie O'Donnell? Yes, that's torture.

Trica Helfer? No, and where can I sign up for questioning.

From June 5th, MSNBC (I love the last line):

Lawmaker gets to the bottom of panties torture

...In a debate about the way detainees are treated at Guantanamo Bay, California Republican Dana Rohrabacher argued that it's not torture to make suspected terrorists wear women's underwear on their heads.

Rohrabacher was taking issue with FBI complaints about inappropriate and potentially illegal tactics used to get al-Qaida detainees to talk. He said interrogation-by-panties was more akin to "hazing," not torture

...Rohrabacher declared he would never apologize for someone putting panties on the head of a 9-11 terrorist.

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