Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Usual Suspects

Once again, the runners up for the New Yorker's "Cartoon Caption Contest (#148)" are all guilty of mediocrity.

My entry is fair:

"Just take your time and tell me which one made you do it."

But the winners are lame:

  • "Will No. 3 please step forward and achieve satori." -- sucks
  • "It's always a problem for us when a crime is committed on Halloween." -- sucks worse
  • "By the way, we are not allowed to show the face or image of No. 6." -- sucks the most

Franky, NONE of them are better.

2 comments: said...

I thought the 3rd choice and ultimate winner was good. Who's there? God the Father, Satan, Budda, Shiva? the god of destruction and Loki the norse god of mischief? Who does that leave out? Mohammed? So it's a satire of NOT being able to show Mohammed's image in a cartoon. They don't mention him, they don't show him, but that's the joke. It's subtle.

GCCR said...

I did get the joke, but IMHO I didn't think the execution was all that subtle.