Wednesday, June 04, 2008

We Interrupt This Debacle...

Normally, I would have taken MSNBC, the Democratic Party's answer to Fox News, to task for interrupting John McCain's speech yesterday to announce that they were projecting Barack Obama's winning of the delegates he needs for the nomination.

This certainly could have waited a few minutes as a projection isn't exactly "breaking news."

However, given how bad McCain's stiff and stumbling performance was, I think they did him a huge favor by giving viewers something else to watch.


michael said...

The man is great on his feet, in town halls, and in debates. So some wizard says, let's have him READ a prepared text off a teleprompter moving toooo slooooow. He was worse than W., which takes some work. Yikes.

GCCR said...

I agree, his impromptu style is MUCH better.

Also, why didn't they surround McCain with adoring fans who can be seen ON CAMERA like Obama and Clinton do.

The unseen audience for McCain's speech sounded as enthusiastic as the 3pm dinner crowd at Bill Knapp's!