Friday, August 01, 2008

There's An Elephant In My Ojamas

Forget about public opinion polls like Gallop, Barack Obama is beating John McCain in the critical T-Shirt sales factor.


Obama trounces McCain ... in sales of T-shirts, badges, caps

Barack Obama is trouncing John McCain in the race for the White House -- at least in sales of T-shirts, badges, baseball caps and other campaign merchandise.

"Everyone is going for Obama," a sidewalk vendor whose stand was smothered in Obama and McCain T-shirts, along with garb for visitors to Washington, told AFP.

"We sell about 70 percent Obama stuff -- way more than McCain," said the vendor, who asked not to be named.

...Meanwhile, Obama supporters can wear the latest in political fashion chic: pajamas that feature the Obama 'O' logo.

They're called ... Ojamas. There is no McCain equivalent.

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Anonymous said...

Ojamas will soon be ready to ship. You can pre-order them at The first pair ever made didn't quite match the design specs and is being auctioned off on ebay with a portion of the proceeds going to the Obama/Biden campaign.