Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wind Power Blows

Of course, you had to know this sort of story would come out eventually.

Wind turbines across Oregon stir up health scare

Study suggests living close to an energy farm can cause a variety of physical ailments research suggesting that living close to wind turbines, as Eaton and her 60-year-old husband, Mike, soon will be doing, can cause sleep disorders, difficulty with equilibrium, headaches, childhood "night terrors" and other health problems.

...Dr. Nina Pierpont of Malone, N.Y., coined the phrase "wind turbine syndrome" for what she says happens to some people living near wind energy farms.

...In contrast to those who consider wind turbines clean, green and an ideal source of renewable energy, Pierpont says living or working too close to them has a downside. Her research says wind turbines should never be built closer than two miles from homes.

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