Thursday, November 27, 2008

I Still Prefer NetFlix

Here was an unusual piece of spam I received yesterday from GapFlix. I only opened it because I thought it was a DVD rental service that specialized in hard to find movie titles.

Nope. As near as I can tell, GapFlix (Goals Acquisition Program), promises that, through the power of "creative thoughts and aspirations" (and $48.95), they will help you attain your dreams by giving you a place to store your own Internet movies. Isn't that what YouTube does for free?

Here are some "satisfied" customers:

A high school drop-out who served time in federal prison

A college drop-out working in a restaurant

A man wearing a green bow-tie


RC said...

i believe people who were green bow ties...always. don't you?

Matt Maul said...

Only during the Christmas and St. Patty's Day season! :)

Anonymous said...

You apparently weren't paying attention. The service offers a way for you to visualize your goals and dreams. The technique is exactly the same as how athletes visualize winning before a competition. This is a tool to create a video of your personal goals. Try it before you put it down.

Matt Maul said...

Lighten up Francis...

My point was AND still is that I can't see how this "tool" is ANY different from YouTube which allows one to post videos on the Internet for FREE.

strive4impact said...

Hey Matt,
Your post is funny. Just FYI, the person who made the comment was probably a bit offended, having spent a lot of time making their own GAPFlix videos... It appears they took your comments as a personal attack, but your response was classic! "Lighten up Francis..."

Just for clarification: GAPFlix is actually a movie *creator*.

Here's the basic idea... there are all of these visualization programs out there (even videos like The Secret which have gotten a lot of attention, and others...) that tell you, "You need to create something so you can actually SEE what your ideal life looks like."

For most people, that involves making a "vision board" or cutting pictures and stuff out of magazines, or posting a bunch of goals that they wrote or typed up on the shower wall after they laminate the piece of paper those goals are on.

We've taken that idea, and made it a lot better... giving people a REALLY simple way (no video editing knowledge or really specific computer skills necessary), to actually make a video of what their life looks like.

And, we've set it up now so that everyone gets a free 5-day trial, (no credit card required). If you like it after 5 days, you can buy it. If not, no hard feelings, and thanks for trying it.

We'd love to have you check it out and offer your feedback... You'll see it's a LOT different than YouTube. The full version (if you buy after 5 days) actually syncs up with your Facebook/MySpace/Meebo/etc. pages and lets you post your videos there, or you can download the video as an AVI and post it to your YouTube/Metacafe/wherever account if you want.

Let me know if you'd like me to answer other questions, or, if you get a chance, we'd love to have you head over to the page and sign up for your free trial, and let us know what you think.

Thanks Matt!