Friday, November 14, 2008

She Could Call It The Dud Bowl

5-foot 6-inch, 110 lb. (I'm not being catty, she lists that at the top of her site) brunette and self proclaimed author/comedian, Amy Borkowsky, is trying to raise 3 million dollars on the Internet so that she can afford to a run her own personal ad on the Super Bowl in the hopes of finding a husband.

As of today, she's only $2,996,165 short.

If you donate $10,000, she'll even invite you to the wedding. Oh, joy!


Dan Coyle said...

Wait, what does she do with the money if she doesn't succeed?

Matt Maul said...

On her site she states: If Amy does not reach her $3 million goal and is unable to purchase a Super Bowl spot, all money gifted will be donated to the United Way.