Saturday, May 30, 2009

From the "Who Cares?" Department

I don't really have a dog in this race. But, Betty is too high maintenance.


Poor Betty! Archie will propose to Veronica

After 68 years, comics teen makes his choice — but many think it’s wrong

After 68 years of waffling, Archie Andrews has made his choice. It’s the raven-haired heiress over the girl next door, Veronica Lodge over Betty Cooper.

Just eight days after Archie Comics announced that Archie would finally choose between his two high-school hotties, the word is out: Archie gets down on bended knee to present Veronica with his proposal and a ring while poor Betty looks on and wipes away a tear. Veronica replies to the proposal with a resounding “Yes!”

The red-haired all-American boy’s choice is likely to upset many Archie fans. Ever since news that Archie would get married broke, they have been filling the message boards at with their opinions on which girl should get the ring.

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