Thursday, May 21, 2009

Plant a Tree?

I guess we don't want to screw up the Chinese economy too. Who else is going to buy our T-Bills?

From Nolan Finley at The Detroit News:
China benefits from Obama's fuel mandate

The Chinese must think we're chumps.

On the same day President Barack Obama marched the Big Three auto executives smiling to the guillotine, China announced it will not set mandatory emissions standards and instead will attack greenhouse gases with a strategy that doesn't threaten its ferocious economic growth.

America has chosen a sharply different tack, as was apparent this week at the White House, where Obama announced he would make the harsh California emissions mandates the national standard.

The automakers, now wards of the federal government, had no choice but to cheer the mandates, even though a senior Ford executive told the L.A. Times the mandates would likely put the automaker out of business.

China isn't so willing to throttle its growth for the good of Mother Earth.

China says it will combat global warming by planting carbon-absorbing forests and developing clean coal technology, but not with anything resembling Obama's mileage mandates or the carbon cap-and-trade plan moving through Congress.

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