Monday, May 25, 2009

We Interrupt This Tea Party...

A Memorial Day cartoon by Yogi Love out on The American Spectator. BOTH Rush Limbaugh AND Janeane Garofalo should take a deep breath and check it out.


Dan Coyle said...

Nice illustration, though I don't know what the soldier on the left is meant to be- a statue?

I've always been fond of the Peanuts D-Day strip; the simple shot of Snoopy wading through the waters of Normandy.

Matt Maul said...

While I'm not AGAINST the whole Tea Party thing per se, I was struck by the first comment to this cartoon:

A frequent "message" of tea-party protesters was that we now live under "tyranny" or even "fascism."

I'm sure those who fought and died for this country and its democratic institutions would be puzzled and pained to learn their sacrifice was in vain.
Predictably, he's getting beat up by the other posters. But, his point is well taken. Especially by those like me who were irked by the Left's constant comparison of Bush to Hitler.

Dan Coyle said...

I agree that it's foolish to compare Bush to Hitler. Hitler was a hell of a lot funnier. ;-)

(but seriously, the comparisons don't really wash- there are a lot of things I don't like about Bush, but Nazi comparisons are taking the easy way out. Thanks, professor Chomsky)