Friday, May 07, 2010

The Name Game

Since Mad Men and Breaking Bad debuted on AMC, I’ve been struck by the alliterative nature of their respective show titles.

Well, nothing succeeds like success. So, I’m pitching ideas for other ”original” series AMC could add to their programming portfolio that use similar two word alliterative titles. To make it REALLY challenging, I made a rule that the word ending in “ad” could have ONLY three letters.

Sigh. Try as I might, I could only come up with 17 out of 24. Feel free to help.

Anecdotally Aad: Set in Amsterdam, this show follows "legal" drug dealer Aad Derksen as he finds himself more involved with the lives of his clients than he wants to be. Aad narrates each episode.

CAD Con: CADTroics, a corrupt defense contractor specializing in a “computer aided design” based weapons prototyping system wheels and deals with elected officials, military officers, and lobbyists as they peddle their own high-tech version of the “$500 Pentagon hammer.”

Designated Dad: A deadbeat dad is tracked down thirty years after abandoning his wife and now adult daughter. In lieu of back child support and/or prison time, the mom and daughter convince a judge to sentence the man to be a foster father to a mom and daughter who are the same age now as when he went AWOL.

Eazy EAD: Zac Turtano sells "employee authorization documents" to illegal aliens in Arizona and contends with a wide range of antagonists from xenophobic local sheriffs to Mexican cartels that traffic in drugs and humans.

Floundering Fad: Features the antics of ten Gen Z employees at “Ping-Me,” a waning social networking site, who will stop at nothing to stay in the spotlight. The pilot episode is about the fallout which occurs when a outside marketing research firm determines that most Internet users mistakenly think their site is called “Pygmy.”

GAD Gals: As with In Treatment, this show mainly takes place in a psychiatrist's office. Dr. Phyllis Demersa treats a group of women who all suffer from "generalized anxiety disorder."

Had Hard: Follows the day-to-day travails of the proprietor, employees and customers of a Los Angeles S&M club.

IAD Intrigue: Lead Customs Agent Shelly Denton has only seconds to tell the good guys from the bad while working her beat at Washington Dulles International Airport. The margin for error on the job is as slim as the Beretta she keeps in her purse while off -duty.

Jarring Jad: Unconventional Rabbi Jadon Friedman throws his flock for a loop with his unique interpretations of the Torah.

Kad: no idea

Lucky Lad: Bus driver Al Ladowski thought winning the Pennsylvania Lottery would solve ALL of his problems. It's hasn't.

Nad Nook: Hilarity ensues at a medical supply store specializing in prosthetic genitalia.

Oad: no idea

Patrician Pad: After years of estrangement, a former flower child comes to live with her Conservative Boston socialite sister whose Bernie Madoff-like husband commits suicide instead of facing the music.

Qad: no idea

Retroactively Rad: While working on an experiment in quantum mechanics, a nerdy professor disrupts the space/time continuum and is whisked into a parallel universe where people who wear pocket protectors are “kewl.”

Sad Solicitors: The lawyers at Gackner, Perdy and Young have yet to win a single case. Maybe THIS will be their week.

Tad Texan: Set in 1890, this fish-out-of-water Western follows the adventures of city boy Thaddeus McClure who inherits his late uncle’s cattle ranch.

Uad: no idea

Vad: no idea

Wad: all my attempts for this one were just too raunchy

Xad: no idea

Yukon Yad: A dysfunctional Israeli family runs a small company in Canada that manufactures accoutrements for Jewish religious ceremonies (maybe a spin-off of Jarring Jad).

Zad: no idea

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