Saturday, December 27, 2008

Taken to Task

Wow. Someone really took issue with the fact that I wasn't taking the GapFlix service which promises goal realization through video serious enough in one of my posts:

You apparently weren't paying attention. The service offers a way for you to visualize your goals and dreams. The technique is exactly the same as how athletes visualize winning before a competition. This is a tool to create a video of your personal goals. Try it before you put it down

I'm guessing that this person shelled out the $48.95 on something that YouTube does for FREE.

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strive4impact said...

Yah... that was just a little bit of an overzealous comment from a person who actually built the videos and has invested a lot of time into getting GAPFlix really up and running. So he might have taken your comments a little personally.

As for me, I found your comments rather humorous (especially the comment about Obi in his green bowtie...I thought that looked funny when we were filming it, but we were at a big event and decided to leave it along) and they were good for the staff of GAPFlix to read. It's interesting to see honest feedback for how we were/are being perceived from what's on the page. So honestly, thanks for your feedback!

We've re-vamped, and we're now giving everyone a 5-day free trial... would you be willing to give it a shot and see what you think? We're pretty proud of how simple we've made the process for people to make their own really interactive videos to the specs that they would like... I've made a video that I really love.

But I'd be interested in your feedback on using the site itself to see what you think.

Let me know, or just head over to the page and sign up for your free trial.