Tuesday, March 10, 2009

And Keith's Girlfriend is Canadian

Hilarious RedEye segment skewering Keith Olbermann's reaction to an Ann Coulter column challenging his "Ivy League" status.

Methinks the lady doth protest too much. And when I say "lady," I mean Olbermann.

BTW, RedEye is THE funniest current events talk show on TV. Too bad it doesn't air until 2:00AM.


Dan Coyle said...

I agree it's the best show on Fox; but I'm left-leaning, so take that with a grain of salt. Gutfeld makes his points better in person than he does in cold hard print.

Matt Maul said...

As you may have gathered (or perhaps not), I track right of center, so it's good to hear that RedEye plays well for those on the left too.

I can only take so much of ANY of the prime time cable shows (be it Fox, CNN, or MSNBC). While my tolerence for O'Reilly is higher than it is for Olbermann -- they both send me scrambling for the remote (the latter usually within seconds).

And for what it's worth, Olbermann patheticially displaying his diploma on air actually made Coulter's point for her.

I found your observation on Gutfeld interesting because in Coulter's case, it's her columns that are generally better reads than her seeing her in person. Sad too, because, agree with her or not (I'm with her 60-70% of the time), she can be witty. But something takes over when that red light comes on (perhaps the prospect of selling more books) that all too often turns her into a shrill sounding bitch.

Dan Coyle said...

That's a good point about Coulter- I don't find myself nearly as annoyed with her reading her print columns as opposed to watching her speak. I did read Slander and found it almost undreadable, not for its content so much as its ratatat blithering style. Mark Steyn, she's not.

I'm sometimes glad to see Olbermann, but he's extremely difficult to take seriously, especially after that Affleck parody. O'Reilly I've never had any real problem with, he doesn't offend me, but neither does Rush.

I do agree that often the cable news shows, no matter what you lean, are unwatchable in prime time. I probably watch CNN the most, but only during the afternoon, which is the best time to get ACTUAL NEWS.

I think what makes Gutfeld work for me, when I'm not too tired to watch it (which is less and less these days), is that despite the nastiness in print, the conversational style he has with his guests and the audience is, well, I get the sense the guy's trying to have a dialogue with me as opposed to just calling me names.

Also, he did the smart thing and got rid of Rachel Marsden. She's CRAZY!

Matt Maul said...

I love Mark Steyn.

A little of Coulter goes a long way. So Slander, which was written as if it were one LONG column, didn't work for me either. She'd probably benefit from reading someone like Christopher Hitchens who can distinguish between the two formats.

I run hot and cold on O'Reilly and Rush. I tend to roll my eyes when fans sing their praises, but bristle at detractors who slam them for being "mean spirited" as if they were the only ones.

As far as cable news networks go, CNN is probably the best franchise.

I'm not all that familiar with Rachel Marsden, but I do have a thing for crazy chicks :)