Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cisco Fat Head

Some clown with the nick "theconner" actually posted this on Twitter:

From the Brandbuilder Blog:

If you aren’t familiar with this story yet, let me set it up for you:
  1. Dude gets job with Cisco.
  2. Dude posts less than enthused opinion about the Cisco job on Twitter (actually naming Cisco as his new employer).
  3. Cisco employee on Twitter spots the post and promptly responds.
  4. Dude blocks his Twitter updates (hides them from public view)… but it’s too late. The damage is done, and he probably spends most of the day wondering if Cisco will now rethink its job offer.
The domain "ciscofatty.com" was scooped up within seconds. Damn!


Dan Coyle said...

That reminds me of the woman a few years ago who agreed to be a partner in a law firm but quit at the last minute because their pay "Was not enough for the lifestyle I'm accustomed to."

But lots of people say stuff on Twitter they probably shouldn't...

Matt Maul said...

It still boggles the mind because Cisco IS a tech company. I debate linking to questionable articles in Facebook because I know that people at work could see it.