Monday, March 23, 2009

So Long Andrew

Not that it'll make the slightest of dents in his blogospheric readership, but today I'm deleting Andrew Sullivan from my blog roll.

I used to enjoy his point of view. While I didn't see eye-to-eye with all of Andrew's criticisms of the Bush administration, his perspective did help to keep one honest.

My disenchantment started during the presidential election when his attacks on Sarah Palin went beyond her lack of experience (which I don't take issue with) but also included more than a few of his musings on the "scandal" concerning the possibility that her youngest child wasn't actually her's.

Fast forward to now: reviewing Sullivan's blog for the last few days, there's scant mention of the current administration's role in the AIG bonus payouts. Either he doesn't think it merits ANY attention from a journalistic standpoint or it demonstrates a certain intellectual dishonesty on his part. Regardless of how he feels, this HAS been a major news item and his silence does represent a sort of dog that isn't barking. In fact, lately Sullivan has put up MORE posts trashing Sarah Palin for various reasons (warrented or not) than the undeniable truth that the Treasury Department is still woefully under staffed during a time of financial crisis.

I just can't take him seriously anymore.


Dan Coyle said...

Andrew Sullivan? Intellectually Dishonest? I'm shocked, Mr. Maul, I am SHOCKED!

Wait, he's STILL bashing Palin? Why? She's Alaska's problem now.

I gave up on Sullivan the last time he was on Real Time, when he started jabbering about the financial scandals as an excuse to attack Noam Chomsky, which I thought was... uh, what?

Matt Maul said...

I used to give him more credit. Like I said, I wasn't always on board with his opinions on things ranging from U.S. policy on Iraq, torture, deficit spending, et al, BUT he seemed to be taking a principled stands.

Public outcry aside, I'm still not sure exactly who to be pissed at over the AIG bonus situation. But you have to look hard and long to find ANY reference to it in Sullivan's blog.

Meanwhile, I realize Palin (God forbid) is a potential frontrunner for 2012, but she's not all THAT newsworthy.

Dan Coyle said...

Once she actually gets into the nitty gritty of raising a special needs child, I doubt Palin will ever seek the Presidency.