Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Drinking and Texting Don't Mix

This is either the biggest R&D blunder since New Coke or the greatest public relations coup since New Coke (or both).

From ABC News:

Dude, Where's My Top Secret Next-Generation IPhone?

Apple Engineer Who Misplaced iPhone Prototype Was Distraught, Witnesses Say

...[Gary] Powell was celebrating his birthday at this German beer garden and left his phone at the bar.

MaryAnne Staudt, who co-owns the bar, said that Powell was upset when he returned and attempted to recover the phone and doesn't believe that it was a publicity stunt done by Apple. Staudt said she felt badly about the situation and for Powell.

His last Facebook update before he lost his phone read "I underestimated how good German beer is," which he typed from his secret iPhone, according to Gizmodo, who obtained it for $5,000 from a patron who found the device.

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