Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Not So Fab

In retrospect, I suppose my entry for the 236th New Yorker "Caption Contest" was too clever by half.

I was doing a take that old Beatles classic "I Am The Walrus" which doesn't seem all that funny now:

"Goo goo ga joob" my eye. You knew I was saving those eggs for the party tonight.
The winners were all better:
  • “Dr. Ogden just called to say your mercury levels are on the high side.”

  • “Did you put 3,250 pounds of 'fresh mackerel' on my credit card?” - my favorite

  • “Those buckets of fish heads aren't going to take themselves out.”


Dan Coyle said...

That cartoon is drawn in such a way I'm not sure which one is supposed to speaking. Obviously it's the wife, but he drew both their mouths only sort of open.

Matt Maul said...

Looking at it again and you make a good point.