Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ear Flaps Sold Separately

At first I thought this new "portable" internet device being touted on was a joke. But the ASUS EeeKeyboard seems a real soon-to-be-released product. But I think they need to go back to the drawing board as even the name sounds cumbersome. I like "eBoard" myself.

The Anti-iPad

It’s portable in so far as you can move around one room with it. Instead of no keyboard, it’s pretty much all keyboard. It runs windows, and it definitely can’t be used ostentatiously to look cool in an overpriced coffee shop. Why get it?

Because in this uncertain time of the melding of the medias at a time when you can access Break Media Network content on your phones, televisions, iPads, and even on city busses in Los Angeles, everybody is clambering to be the all-in-one media device. And, frankly, the iPad is close, but if you want something to simply run in your living room, the ASUS EeeKeyboard is the ticket. It is, as yet, unreleased, but will sell for $600.

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