Wednesday, June 30, 2010


A continuing theme presented in Mad Men is how people deal with the various roles society and happenstance have cast them in. Dick Whitman didn't like his lot in life. So, when the opportunity presented itself, he shed that identity and put on the Don Draper persona. While other characters haven't reacted so drastically, they are often equally conflicted by their assigned roles. This idea is often manifested by what they wear.

For instance, Season 2’s "Maidenform," involved a storyline where the Sterling-Cooper creative team established two distinct types of bra customers which they categorized as : "Jackie Kennedy" (black bra) and "Marilyn Monroe" (white bra).

This motif is even more apparent in Season 3 and demonstrated by the repeated use of uniforms and costumes throughout many of the episodes as I've outlined below.

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