Saturday, April 18, 2009

For What It's Worth, I Loved "Sky Captain"

Ben Connelly's ambitiously titled: "The Ten Most Influential Films of The Last Ten Years" from

"Are these the ten most influential films of the last ten years? I think they might just be. Disappointingly, I really don’t like four of them. I’ve also cheated and only included English language films."

While I don't buy into to ALL of it, he raises some good points. The Sixth Sense is, perhaps, a big omission. Likewise, the first entry in the "reboot" genre: Batman Begins.

But, how can I argue with someone who says "if you think there was a single original idea in The Matrix, you’ve been had."

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
"Sky Captain is on the list for kick-starting green-screen mania."

The Bourne Ultimatum
"exemplifying and honing two different things: the ‘running man camera’ action scenes, which is now the norm; and the rapid-fire cross cutting between an alarming amount of different angles."

"popularizing a narrative paradigm I think we’ll be seeing a lot of"

My Big Fat Greek Wedding
"is on the list for its release strategy and resulting success...The pseudo-indie wings of studios would probably never have taken flight without this particular puff of wind."

Polar Express
"motion capture is now here, and is not going anywhere"

"stamping Wes Anderson’s style, in its most successful form, onto the broad pop culture"

The Matrix
"badly repackaging the good ideas and techniques of better films and filmmakers (that means you, Gondry and Fassbinder and Cronenberg and… and… and…) and rendering them cliché."

Children of Men
"taking several elements, be they separate shots or FX pieces, and sewing them together into long, seemingly unbroken ‘takes’. "

The 40 Year Old Virgin
"the acorn from which the grand Apatow oak has grown"

"The most exciting thing about stereo cinema, I’d say, is not that extra dimension creates a 'more real' reality but that it gives even more ways to control this reality to the filmmakers."

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