Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Turf War

Racist? No. Stupid? Yes.

Hairy uproar over drugstore Obama

New Yorkers may soon get a chance to say hail to the Ch-Ch-Chia Obama at local drugstores.The grassy-headed figurine of President Obama was pulled from Walgreens shelves in Chicago and Tampa after some people called it racist and company brass decided the new collectible was wrong for their image.

...[founder] Pedott said he was stung by suggestions that there was something racist about Chia Obama, which, if left untrimmed, appears to give the 44th President a healthy, if very green, Afro.

"Since when is an Afro racist?" asked Pedott, a Republican who voted for Obama. Owners can trim Chia Obama's "hair" to any length they want, he added.

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