Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sounds Fishy to Me

Once again I took the bait and entered the 188th New Yorker "Cartoon Caption Contest."

I won't complain too much as my submission is a horrible pun:
"No one can say my Steinway is out of tuna."
But, none of the winners smell like a rose either:
  • "This song goes out to the one that got away." - Ugh!

  • "And every year they return to my piano to spawn and die." - This can't be one of the top three funniest

  • "Any requests before I tell you about tonight's specials?" - Not bad, not good either, but not bad


Dan Coyle said...

I think the big problem is the cartoon itself just isn't very good.

Matt Maul said...

I've actually noted that myself. It's almost as if instead of throwing out their mistakes, the cartoonists sell them to the NYer for the contest.