Monday, April 06, 2009

So Shall It Be Written...

Except for the 2nd one, the winners of The New Yorker "Cartoon Caption Contest" #186 should be banished to the desert for 40 years.

Moses is CLEARLY holding up a Chinese restaurant menu.  Thus, my entry:
"So, we just have to obey five commandments from column A and another five from column B, right?"
However, all but one of the finalist missed that point:
  • "And for you goats—thou shalt not marry a dragon or an ox." - WTF?

  • "And Commandments Eleven to Twenty are the same as One to Ten, just with tofu instead of meat." - can't complain, at least he got the menu thing.

  • "Read quickly. These are really heavy." - the New Yorker cartoon judges really suck!


Dan Coyle said...

"For the last time, there's NO MSG!"

Matt Maul said...

Good one. Now THAT's what I'm talking about!