Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Last "T" Stands for "Tease"

You win this round Professor Moriarty.

From The Consumerist:

AT&T Charges You A Fee For Getting A Discount

Reader "ValentineHumphrey" has a part-time job with a company that gets a 25% discount from AT&T. It sounded like a good deal until she found out there was actually a fee for signing up for the discount. What?

I call the 800 number for AT&T and ask the nice gentleman on the phone if there is anything he can do, can he add the discount even though I already signed a 2 year contract? YES! You (the consumer) can add a discount at any time. He is unable to do so, however, due to the computer program (they do not have access) but he is more than willing to walk me through the process. "Do you have a work email?" No, I'm out of luck online. I can add the discount myself with the discount sponsor code, but without an employee email for employment
verification I will have to go to a store.

No problem, there is a store near my home. I called on Wednesday, and went to the store on Friday. I know they will want employment verification so I bring my name badge, photo id, the paper with the discount code. Go in and the man at the desk goes about setting me up. Then he says this "There is an activation fee of $36 to add this discount to your account."

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