Sunday, August 15, 2010

Critic's Corner (Mad Men 403)

As part of Don and Lane's "distraction" in "The Good News," the duo heckle the screen at a showing of Gamera. This got me to thinking that a great spin-off for Mad Men could be a movie review show based on Mystery Science Theater 3000 called "Mad Men Flask Theatre 1965." In it, a drunk Don and Lane would provide esoteric pop-culture references to the period flicks they pan.

But seriously, one of the things I noticed about the movie list Don and Lane have to choose from is that each of them arguably parallels Lane's storyline in the episode (about being a stranger in a strange land and the toll it's taking on his marriage). Send No Flowers, of course, is a direct reference to Sandy's flower order mix-up. But the others seem pointedly related to him as well.

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