Friday, August 27, 2010

Incendiary (Mad Men 405)

One quick bit of business in "The Chrysanthemum and The Sword" has Sally and Bobby watching television as Don dresses for his date with Bethany. On the air, a news anchor covering the murder of Unitarian minister and civil rights advocate James Reeb reports the following (emphasis added):

The body of the 38 year old Unitarian minister was cremated within an hour of his death last night.
The shot then cuts to the kids and Sally's quick, yet discernable, reaction to the news. This is noteworthy in that it harkens back to a moment from Season 3's "The Arrangements" where Sally, distraught by the death her grandfather and again watching the news, sees a televised report about a Vietnamese monk immolating himself in protest. Clearly, Sally's feelings of abandonment by Don (the new bachelor) are similiar to those she felt after the death of Gene.

The use of fire as a motif is not uncommon for Mad Men.

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