Friday, June 12, 2009

He's Had His Kicks

For no particular reason, here's the Crispin Glover 1987 appearance on The Late Show when David Letterman was still cutting edge:

Since Letterman, the new "Mr. Wilson" of talk show hosts, wants to be more topical, I have some ideas for future monologues or "Top Ten Lists:"
  • The sexual assault charges against Barack Obama's half brother in Britain.

  • Ashley Biden's cocaine use caught on tape.

  • David Letterman knocking up his own girlfriend and then not marrying her for six years.
And yes, I agree that they're not any funnier than Letterman's jokes about Palin's daughter. That's the point.


Dan Coyle said...

IIRC, that whole bit was to promote a movie Glover hadn't even made yet. And got around to it five years later.

Matt Maul said...

I saw that show when it first aired and it was rivaled in entertainment value only by the Kaufman wrestling episode. A few weeks later I was at a SciFi convention were Billy Mumy (of Lost in Space) appeared. He talked about some comic book project he was doing with Glover. So, during the Q and A time I asked Mumy about the Letterman incident. He played dumb and couldn't really account for Glover's actions. I only recently read that Glover claims it to have been a "performance art" put on. In fact, he's still sorta vague about it so I'm honestly not sure either way. That just adds to the to the fun I suppose.