Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Twitter Doth Tweat Too Much, Methinks

Just caught OMGLists' "Nine Celebrities Who Quit Twitter." The list includes Seth MacFarlane, Joe Biden, John Edwards, Larry David and J.J. Abrams.

Twitter is latest of hot web 2.0 websites that celebrities have discovered and exploited for self promotion. Lord knows, they need another outlet to rub in our faces how much our lives suck versus theirs, right? While some celebrities still have yet to join the cult, others can't handle the stress of sending short, mundane updates to their fans. These nine celebs seem to have quit Twitter, and left their many fans in the dark.
Actually, I have no snarky anti-Twitter remark to add. Two reasons. First, I regularly post shit to a blog seen by only twenty to thirty people on any given day (often by mistake). Second, I just finished reading a Facebook thread where a dozen users, without the slightest trace of irony, tear into the vacuousness of the Twitter cult with comments like this:

I just can't comprehend the concept (and value) of people actually being interested in my short, mundane thoughts, so I pretty much NEVER update it. Think about it...who really gives a rat's ass that I'm craving four White Castles with cheese and a sack of fries? Am I alone here, people? Can someone explain the real value of this thing on a personal -- not a business -- level?


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