Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Panic in Detroit

Detroit just can't catch a break. There's the embarrassment of Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. General Motors and Chrysler go Chapter 11. Three Detroit sports teams break our hearts by getting into the finals but NOT bringing home the trophy (Red Wings, Pistons, Tigers). NOW we don't even crack the top twenty of the FBI's "most dangerous neighborhoods" as published in the Chicago Sun Times.

The Nation's 25 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods:
  1. Cincinnati, Central Pwky./Liberty St.
  2. Chicago, State St./Garfield Blvd.
  3. Miami, 7th Ave./North River Dr.
  4. Jacksonville, Beaver St./Broad St.
  5. Baltimore, North Ave./Belair Rd.
  6. Kansas City, Bales Ave./30th St.
  7. Memphis, Warford St./Mt. Olive Rd.
  8. Kansas City, Forest Ave./41st St.
  9. Dallas, Route 352/Scyene Rd.
  10. Richmond, Va., Church Hill
  11. Memphis, Bellevue Blvd./Lamar Ave.
  12. Dallas, 2nd Ave./Hatcher St.
  13. Springfield, Ill., Cook St./11th St.
  14. St. Louis, 14th St./Dr. Martin Luther King Dr.
  15. Little Rock, Ark., Roosevelt Rd./Bond St.
  16. Philadelphia, Broad St./Dauphin St.
  17. Tampa, Amelia Ave./Tampa St.
  18. New York, St. Nicholas Ave./125th St.
  19. Chicago, 66th St./Yale Ave.
  20. Baltimore, Orleans St./Front St.
  21. Cleveland, Cedar Ave./55th St.
  22. Orlando, East-West Expy./Orange Blossom Trail
  23. Detroit, Mt. Elliott St./Palmer Ave.
  24. Chicago, Wallace St./58th St.
  25. Chicago, Winchester Ave./60th St.


Dan Coyle said...

Broad Street is only #16? Fuck, my city is falling behind.

Matt Maul said...

Of course, if the City of Detroit computes crime statistics with the same inefficiency they apply to keeping track of the actual numbers of teachers on the payroll, the figures may well be off and Detroit may deserve to get bumped up a few notches.