Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Aggressive Whining is Back in Town

I caught a Red Wings game the other night. Sat at center ice in the first row of the upper bowl (THE best place to watch a hockey game).

I made the following observations:

  1. The songs played at the Joe Louis Arena during the time-outs are WAY too old - the song list included (to name a few) Queen, Chubby Checker, Johnny Cash, and a "British Invasion" band...nothing even approaching 1990.

  2. The Jumbo-tron was a bit skittish and kept blinking in and out

  3. Shirt cannon pathetic - the Red Wing "assistants" came out on the ice between periods to fire shirts into the stands. However, the dolts couldn't get the shirt cannons to fire properly...only one or two made it to the upper bowl (those rich people in the lower bowl don't need free shirts!!). They ended up tossing shirts over the glass.

  4. The scoring slot for "Score-O" was about five inches high by three feet wide. Hardly exciting. In my day, the "Score-O" slot was barely larger than the puck itself.

  5. People could win Zamboni rides between periods. Why would anyone but a child want to win such a prize? I saw a number of adults taking rides which SHOULD have been awarded to kids.

  6. And, of course, the age old question: should an adult male get a professional team jersey personalized with a real player's name and number on the back? Isn't that like a girl in high school wearing her boyfriend's varsity jacket? Everytime I see a man wearing a personalized jersey, I think "Hey, it's Steve Yzerman's girlfriend."

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