Thursday, February 08, 2007

The NASA "Affair"

In the aftermath of the Lisa Marie Nowak case (she's the NASA astronaut who plotted to kidnap and kill another astronaut over a love triangle involving yet a third astronaut), I found myself pondering these questions:
  1. Is she more attractive now or when she flew in space (of course, she needs to comb her hair, fix her makeup, and lose the sour expression)?

  2. Was the diaper she had on when arrested a genuine "NASA issued" diaper that the astronauts wear in space? Or did she buy "off the rack" adult diapers from a retail store?

  3. If one HAD to choose, who's more qualified to pilot a shuttle today:
    Lisa Marie Nowak or John Glenn?

  4. Am I the one with issues?


RightWingNutJob said...

These are all good questions. I didn't think she was all that attractive even in the Orange Jump suit. Could she have worn the NASA Orange suit when doing the "perp walk" from jail?

I would hope that NASA is using "off the shelf" adult undergarments instead of specially designed and more expensive ones. Also, I think she had a hammer. I hope it wasn't a $ 500 hammer.

Or, did John Glenn give her one of his adult undergarments?

ZettaBurger said...

I'm in the not all that attractive before or after camp, but if I had to choose I'd say definitely before, she looks all cracked out after.

The diapers were genuine NASA issue diapers that they wear into space.

John Glenn is definitely more qualified, if he doesn't break a hip or something.

Now is said...

She needed the diapers because she couldn't afford the NASA $600 toilet seat.

GCCR said...

I wonder what's more cost effective:

1) Gov't hammer and Retail diaper


2) Retail hammer and Gov't diaper

Anonymous said...

Hot off the presses, People magazine reports the diaper was a "Nasa-issue space diaper". I feel so enlightened.