Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl XLI

Random thoughts on the big game...

  1. I was glad to see Tony Dungy win even thought it meant that Payton Manning (who I hate for some reason) had to win as well.

  2. Vinatieri's missed chip-shot of a field goal for the Colts that cost me a square.

  3. Didn't ONE of the CBS camera operators have a towel to wipe off the lens? I know the rain was unexpected, but you'd think they'd have worked around it by the 3rd quarter.

  4. Prince should have been named the game MVP for being able to dance on a wet stage in six-inch spiked heels.

  5. And, of course, the ads. Most of them stunk. Way too many computer generated, talking animals.

    My favorites:
    Doritos: Cashier - funny, if not tasteless, punchline
    Chevrolet Car Wash - a student ad that was as good (or better) than the "professionals"
    Coke: Love - Coke had a lot of well done spots

    All of the ads are viewable here.

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