Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And They Have a Plan...

"Twelve Cylon models. Seven are known. Four live in secret. One will be revealed."

From PopSci:

An Order of Seven Global Cyber-Guardians Now Hold Keys to the Internet turns out there are now seven individuals out there holding keys to the Internet. In the aftermath of a cataclysmic cyber attack, these members of a “chain of trust” will be responsible for rebooting the Web.

...A minimum of five of the seven keyholders – one each from Britain, the U.S., Burkina Faso, Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, China, and the Czech Republic – would have to converge at a U.S. base with their keys to restart the system and connect
eveything once again.

... The keys are actually smartcards that each contain parts of the DNSSEC root key, which could be thought of as the master key to the whole scheme.

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