Sunday, July 04, 2010

Exchange Email Management: Killing The Messenger

Last week I got so many emails from companies inviting me to use their services to submit "Oil Spill Compensation" claims, that I considered submitting a claim for the time spent having to delete "Oil Spill Compensation" spam.

I don't really want or have to read EVERY piece of email that comes in. And quite frankly a lot of the messages that constantly keep filling up my inbox get to be an annoying distraction. So now I use a tool that offers dynamic exchange email management which lets me control incoming email and "automagically" redirect junk to a specified location instead of mixing it all in with the "good" messages. Through the use of filters, I can configure email rules and even send spam directly into the trash (instead of taking up time having to read and delete it).

Now if I could only do something about Flash pop-ups!

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