Thursday, July 22, 2010

Eye of the Beholder

Here are my possible leads for the Shirley Sherrod fiasco depending upon the editorial persective of the news organization reporting it:
  • "NAACP Audience Cheers USDA Worker's Admission of Racial Bias Against White Farmer" - Fox News

  • "Brietbart/Fox News Gin Up Controversy with Selective Editing of NAACP Speech" - MSNBC

  • "Fearful of November Landslide, Obama Adminstration Acts Hastily to Get Past Sherrod Remarks" - CNN

  • "Nice Colored Lady Gets Back Plum Government Job" - Ex-Kleagle Times (Robert Byrd's Senate Newsletter)

From Reuters:

Analysis: Race issues beset Obama's "post-racial" presidency

...Division and tension between black and white Americans has cropped up repeatedly over Obama's 18 months in office, hurting his popularity and distracting from his political agenda.

The issue surfaced this week when the Agriculture Department pushed a black official to resign after allegations she discriminated against a white farmer, only to apologize a day later for acting too quickly and without the facts.

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