Thursday, July 22, 2010

People in Glass Houses

I love the smell of petard hoisting in the morning.

It turns out that Keith Olbermann and others were wrong to blame Fox News for the Sherrod fiasco. Olbermann even cut his vacation short to come in and take a cheap shot at the network that's eating his lunch.

Part of Olbermann's diatribe included:

What you see on Fox News, what you read on Right Wing websites, is the utter and complete perversion of journalism, and it can have no place in a civilized society. It is words crashed together, never to inform, only to inflame. It is a political guillotine. It is the manipulation of reality to make the racist seem benevolent, and to convict the benevolent as racist -- even if her words must be edited, filleted, stripped of all context, rearranged, fabricated, and falsified, to do so.

However, as Howard Kurtz reports in the Washington Post, it's Olbermann who needs to get HIS facts straight:

...for all the chatter -- some of it from Sherrod herself -- that she was done in by Fox News, the network didn't touch the story until her forced resignation was made public Monday evening, with the exception of brief comments by O'Reilly. After a news meeting Monday afternoon, an e-mail directive was sent to the news staff in which Fox Senior Vice President Michael Clemente said: "Let's take our time and get the facts straight on this story. Can we get confirmation and comments from Sherrod before going on-air. Let's make sure we do this right."

...Ironically, [Glenn] Beck defended Sherrod on Tuesday, saying that "context matters" and he would have objected if someone had shown a video of him at an AA meeting saying he used to pass out from drinking but omitting the part where he says he found Jesus and gave up alcohol.

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